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Space Planning and Design

With 20 years of industry experience we can see the potential in any office and commercial space. We can advise and help plan a layout fit for your workforce and company culture.

We want to understand your office furniture aims and will take into consideration the individual and team needs within your workplace to ensure communication is open at all times, whether it is open plan areas or more collaborative meeting areas that you require.

Various concepts and drafts can be produced encompassing key personnel’s ideas and preferences.

Our aim is to deliver a first-class working environment that delivers both comfort and productivity.

Effective space planning helps with people retention and attracting the right future talent specific to your needs and any future growth.

Our philosophy is that a happy workforce is a productive one.

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We feel there are various benefits of effective space planning including people retention and attracting the right future talent specific to the business’ needs. Knowing what space will be needed for any future growth without having to scramble to make room when the need arises, which also shows current future employees you are expecting them and have a clear direction for the business.

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Keeping open lines of communication is vital for every business and effective space planning will achieve and maintain this. Space planning ensures that people, furniture and technology all work together in harmony and ensures the environment works for the business.

Hygiene Protection Screening

The new normal in offices and schools incorporates hygiene protection screening to create various zones and walkways ensuring a safe and legal environment where social distancing is easy to maintain.

We can retrofit screens to existing desks. All our screening is made in the UK to international safety standards.

Get back to work safely and easily by adapting your existing space to make both your staff and visitors always feel safe.

Hygiene Protection Screening 01
Hygiene Protection Screening 03
Hygiene Protection Screening 03